Jayne Holland is passionate about people and their communities – where ever they may be.


Jayne was born and raised in beautiful Streaky Bay on the spectacular Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.

Having ventured away from her home base over the years Jayne returned to Streaky Bay in 2004.


Jayne approaches life with an energy that has a dynamic impact on people in her communities.  She is a master at collaborating with and working alongside stakeholders in the arts, local government and many other sectors in the region.


She has a broad and highly impressive skill set because of associations and track record and has developed specialist expertise at whatever she turns her attention to.


Jayne understands business.


One of her early roles in local government was across the arts, tourism, youth and community development sectors.  Her commitment and enthusiasm for working out in communities with people and businesses has flourished.  Until recently Jayne was a longstanding member of the Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions volunteer group.  The group reached 60 + business members when Jayne was Chairperson.  In her time with the group Jayne spearheaded many professional marketing and promotion initiatives, events and campaigns for the region with the aim of building visitor economies.  This has brought her recognition in the industry as a person who has strategic vision, innovative ideas and an ability to make things happen. 


Jayne is the key ‘go to’ person in the arts and cultural sector on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.


Her generosity and drive for being a resource, advisor and ‘enabler’ for artists and their communities has earnt her huge respect in the broader industry including globally.  Her ability to plan, think and act creatively and to seek holistic, positive and impactful solutions adds immense value to her unique skill sets.


Jayne really values people.


She is always seeking out collaborations and partnerships which makes her adept at working with others and as part of team.  In everything that she does Jayne has a core ethos to create great opportunities for other people and stakeholders.  Her successful projects deliver great and far reaching outcomes and are recognised for their excellence in the industry.


Jayne has a strong work ethic and is committed to delivering projects that are ‘winners’-innovative, inventive and ground-breaking!


With her creative thinking, flexible solutions, attention to detail and friendly customised service Jayne will partner with you and provide great results and value for your spend!


Touch base with her today to start your journey to success. created by Jayne Holland

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